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Strategic Partners


At HISATECH we recognize that our success depends on our ability to develop and nurture the right partnerships

Our Technology Partners provide the necessary technology solutions and services that can solve our customers’ challenges and help them achieve their business goals. Innovation, Vision and Commitment are key attributes we look for in our Technology Partner evaluation.

Our Sales Partners are companies and individuals who are looking to complement their existing business with services from HISATECH in order to create more strategic value for their clients while at the same time leveraging our partnership to enjoy a new revenue stream.


Our Approach

Our Best-in-Class, Proven Technology Partners ensure that we can meet our customers’ needs today and tomorrow.

We are agnostic to technology and vendors. Our focus is our customers’ business goals, and we are committed to helping our customers select the options that are right for them.

We carefully evaluate our sales partners to ensure that they hold the values that are so important to HISATECH: Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Respect and Commitment to Excellence.

HISATECH strives to provide a high return on investment to both our technology partners as well as our sales partners in the form of programs and tools that produce results.